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Interlocking Tiles



Inspired from the antique pan-tiles, the Mercurey tile is resolutely contemporary. It blends perfectly into regions where pantiles (S-shaped) are traditionally used. Its fluid and undulating profile fits all surroundings. Its large size and strength make it a de facto standard for architects and roofers alike. The Mercurey is an easy-tolay and beautiful tile that suits the most demanding construction or renovation projects.

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Montchanin Losangée

The Montchanin tile is the worthy heir to the very first interlocking tiles  built in the middle of the 19th Century. Its central lozenge and lower triangle divert rainwater and protect the interlocks. Montchanin is very popular for renovation projects, because it fits with many models of similar kind, manufactured during decades since the 1850’s. Its «retro» look also makes it quite popular on modern constructions.

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Volnay PV

Volnay PV is both elegant and reliable, and has immediately set a new standard among large flat interlocking tiles. Heir to the Volnay Lambert, from which it received the legendary robustness and an excellent  watertightness, the Volnay PV tile offers a generous 68 mm variable gauge. It has the same overall dimensions as its predecessor, and is compatible  with all accessories common to Terreal’s 10 per sq.m. variable gauge tiles. It is laid broken bonded. Its fine and elegant bevelled nose and its graceful lines enhance the plain tile «feel» of roofs it covers. Volnay PV comes in six rich and authentic colours to fit everywhere.

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Côte Fleurie PV

Typically found on the coasts of the North Sea, the Côte Fleurie PV is a small format tile with a cornet and a double interlock system that  guarantees perfect waterproofing. With their truly appealing “profile”, Côte Fleurie PV tiles bring life to roofs they cover, while their generous colours, such as the bright Flamed Red, bring a welcoming warmth to the house.

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Giverny PV

The Giverny PV is one of the best standard tiles available on the small interlocking tile market. It is perfectly plane and easy to install. Its fine beveled nosing and discrete bottom lines give roofs a distinguished  elegance. The Giverny tile is available in a range of rich and generous  colours, including an exciting and regular Flamed Red. Champagne  Sandfaced and Dark Slate colours are exclusive to the Terreal brand.

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An exclusive, patented model from Terreal, the Rully is unique amongst all other interlocking tiles on the market. The secret of its inimitable visual appeal? The landscape format using a small-mould tile, enabling it to  reproduce as accurately as possible the visible sections of traditional small plain tiles. Moreover, the Rully offers all the benefits of an interlocking tile: light weight, low cost, rapid installation time and the ability to be used on  shallower slopes.

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Flamande PV

The Flamande PV is the only true flat interlocking tile with a variable gauge. It finds its origin in the great tile tradition of northern France and Belgium. Its «S» shape underlines the elegance and refinement of northern roofs and contributes to a new level of harmonious roof design. Perfectly water resistant, even on shallower slopes, the Flamande PV is the answer to renovation problematic under the harsh weather conditions of Flanders climates.

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The Renaissance tile combines all the charm of a small format tile and the obvious advantages of a large format one, thanks to its innovative visual principle of “2 tiles in 1”. It has been designed to be laid broken bond, thus improving waterproofing and roof-safety. It is completed by a wide range of accessories, which make the installation quicker and easier (including without mortar). Finally, the elegant pattern of the Renaissance tile is beautifully enhanced by an exciting colour offer.

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