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Chilworth 17×27 Handcrafted Plain Tile

Chilworth 17×27 Handcrafted Plain Tile

We supply Edilians handcrafted 17×27 Chilworth plain tile which is perfect for matching your local heritage. It’s the perfect choice for any roofing project that embraces history and tradition.
The manufacturing process for the Chilworth Plain Tile uses 100% green energy. Edilians use traditional firing techniques, with a wood fire, to create unrivalled blends of colours and hues within each batch. Tiles are fired at an average temperature of 1000° for 2 days, with subtle variations depending on the position of tiles within the kiln ensuring each tile is unique in shape and finish. With its Vézère colour, this new tile perfectly matches local English Heritage.

Technical Data

Quantity per pallet:
Max Batten Gauge:
Number per m2:
Gauge of 100mm:
Tile Weight:
Overall dimension:
275 x 170mm
Coverage per m2:
Between 53 and 58.5 tiles
Nominal Gauge:
From 95 mm to 105 mm
Working Width:
Linear metres of battens per m2 of roof:
From 9.52 ml to 10.53 ml
Unit Weight:


Discover the Vézère colour, in red and brown tones, with its crafted irregular surface finishes, to perfectly display the authentic and timeless appeal of traditional English roofs. If you’re looking to match with the local English heritage, 17X27 HANDCRAFTED CHILWORTH PLAIN TILES are the perfect solution. We offer you traditionally made clay tiles but fired in modern kilns for durability.

Our focus on skills with tradition and undeniable expertise in manufacturing guarantee unrivalled beauty blending seamlessly with the local vernacular. We understand your requirements and want to work with you to produce an exceptional roof.


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