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Clay and Slate Logol (New)

Natural Roofing Slate


Natural Roofing Slate is a timeless classic, which makes C&S natural slate a suitable choice for new build, residential and commercial projects. It is also regularly specified throughout the UK for projects within conservation areas, national parks, heritage sites and areas of outstanding natural beauty as an acceptable replacement to indigenous slate as it has a very similar composition and is of comparable quality.

The company’s chemical-free production and land reinstatement programme make natural slate an attractive option in terms of environmental impact and sustainability when compared to man-made alternatives.


Slates should be sorted into at least three groups of equal thickness.

Slates, which are badly shaped or otherwise unsuitable for laying, should be rejected or reserved for special situations. (cutting into Valleys/ Hips / Eaves / Tops courses etc as per notes below)

Slates in which the thickness is wedged across their width should be given considerable time and skill to be laid successfully and without causing gaps in the slating. Badly wedged slates cannot be successfully laid and should be rejected.

Slates of equal thickness should be laid in any one course, with the thicker slates in the lower courses grading down to the thinner slates in the upper course.

NOTE Damaged slates could be dressed down for use at the eaves, tops and abutments.


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