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Clay and Slate Logol (New)

Edilians Gabarre 20 x 30 Tile

A clay plain tile manufactured at Edilians St Germer De Fly factory in northern France. Discreetly shouldered cross camber and unique anti-capillary channel. Available in seven colours, the tile offers installation cost savings over traditional plain tiles without compromising aesthetics.

The 20 x 30 tile is manufactured from Imerys’ clays from the Beauvais region of Northern France the clay, coupled with Imerys’ state of the art technology, allow the production of a product of the highest quality.

Whilst creating a roof with the appearance of a plain tile roof, a wide range of compatible dry roofing accessories are available to complement the economical advantages of specifying this tile.

The 20 x 30 tile is available in a range of colours enabling a choice that will satisfy local requirements. A cross camber enhances the visual effect of the texture of the roof.


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